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Currently Under Construction

under construction

I would like to start out by apologizing to you. I have told you I would be releasing three articles per week, and I have not done so for a long time. I thought about posting and letting you know what was going on, and realized I never did. So what’s this about being ‘under construction’?

under construction

What’s under construction? This website. I decided to leave it up so you can take advantage of the resources already here. Soon I will have a new website for you with an entire new look. It would be out first, but I put you first. I am not only working on my website, but will also soon be releasing a website design for a customer and friend that’s focus is helping women with their relationship with God. I will be sure to post again and let you know.

Some of you may also know about my book. weShine: Foun...

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Authors and Affiliate Programs

This is a special guest post by Karen Baney. In this post, she speaks of using affiliate programs to benefit us.

Why should authors sign up for affiliate programs with their distributors?  After all, we get a royalty on the sales.

Well, many of the distributors, like Amazon and most recently Barnes & Noble, encourage authors and publishers to sign up for an affiliate account.  Once signed up, authors can change all of the links for their books to the special affiliate link.  This allows authors to receive a small commission for each book sold, which is above and beyond the royalty an author receives on the sale.

For example, I signed up as an Amazon affiliate...

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Patience and Publishing

This is a special guest post by Ada Brownell. After reading this post, please show support for Ada by visiting her through the links found at the end.

Patience And Publishing


How often does the Lord need to show me patience pays off?

I thought of telling you writing is the most likely career where a person needs patience, but since writing is about the only thing I’ve ever been paid to do, perhaps I have no idea of what other people go through.

I do know that in the process of publishing my book I’ve felt the Lord’s hand among the leaves in my spirit searching for patience fruits, and he didn’t find much. Patience seems to always be missing in me.

Getting my new book published was the easy part...

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Learning To Write: Writing Well By Reading

learning to write by reading

In the previous post (Learning To Write: Writing Well), we looked at improving our writing by writing daily. That is a fantastic way to improve your writing, but there are also others. Another way of improving your writing is to first find a subject you are passionate about and want to write within, then read people who are very popular in that subject.

Say you want to write in the subject of fantasy, but make it Christian. If you want to enter into that field, then you must read Christian Fantasy books to help you in that subject. The more you read a certain subject, the better you will understand it. If you understand it better, then you will be able to convey it to  others through writing with a higher quality than you would otherwise.

If you truly want to become good at writing, then ...

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Learning To Write: Writing Daily

Learning To Write

There are many people who learn to write. Whether it is books, devotions, news articles, health articles, or just writing in a journal or diary, writing is enjoyed by many. The question is, “Am I good enough for people to want to read what I write?”

Let’s look at how I started writing. It all started in the summer of 2011. I wanted to learn web design, but I had nothing to put on the website I was making. That is when I started to write devotions. I thought, “I should write devotions. That way I could both help people grow stronger in their walk with God, and also learn to build websites.” This website turned into what is now In the months following that summer, I started to write more and more frequently. Now I am expecting to release my book this summer.

The key to wri...

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