If We Are The Body

if we are the body

Today we will look at the song If We Are The Body by Casting Crowns. This song is now one of my favorites, because of the message it brings. It is amazing how a good songwriter (like the one who wrote this song) can fit so much information into a few verses.

In this song, we hear the word “body” fairly often. The phrase “if we are the body…” is also repeated throughout the song. What is the body?

In this song, the term “body” refers to us. We are the body of Christ. As a Christian, you are a part of the body of Christ.

If we are the body
Why aren’t His arms reaching?
Why aren’t His hands healing?
Why aren’t His words teaching?

We make up the body of Christ. Jesus was given power over all things, and that is the same power we are able to use as Christians. While on earth, Jesus did many wonderful things. He reached out to those in need, healed the sick and wounded, and taught those who needed teaching. As the body of Christ, we are also called to do those things, and given the power through Christ to succeed. Reach out in love. Aid those who need to be healed. Teach those who need to be taught.

Make this your goal for the weekend. Reach out to those who need love. Help those who need help. Teach those who need to be taught. Monday, we will look into each subject more deeply, so please come back and spread the word. Every Christian needs to hear these things. Not because I am saying them, but because Jesus lived them.

What are some ways you have found to implement these things into your daily routine?

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13 comments to If We Are The Body

  • Lorna Faith  says:

    So true Joshua…I love this song! Spreading more love this weekend….:-)

  • Heidi Kreider  says:


    To me… being the Body means being the Body where ever I am… if I’m home with my 3 kids, I need to reach to them, love on them, teach them. If I’m at the post office, I need to be Christ’s Body there, etc. Often, I think the enemy lies to us and tries to convince us that we are only the Body on Sunday’s at church. Instead, the Body is the church.

    Good post. Thanks for sharing! You have the gift of teaching and a teacher’s heart.


    • Joshua Bedford  says:

      Thanks for your opinion! In my opinion (as you said, some will disagree), you are completely right. It is all about being like Christ wherever we go. The thing is, if we are like Christ, then we will do these things everywhere we go, because that is what He did. Glad you shared this!

  • Tabo Kalaluka  says:

    This is so true and encouraging:) Spending more time with the Head (Jesus Christ) will help as catch his heart so we can find our place in building the Kingdom.

  • chris granville  says:

    We have to go through being changed first Refining those things that dont honor Our Lord. We have to let Gods light truly shine for the people in darkness.
    We have to put on Gods armor every day. Without his armor we will fail
    Lots of people believe the World that teaches ITS ALL ABOUT ME……..
    If possible all of you should watch THE TRUTH PROJECT
    God bless All of you

  • Pilar Arsenec  says:

    This weekend my husband and I will be doing just that. We don’t want to preach with our words, but with our lives, by example. Thanks for writing this post.

    • Joshua Bedford  says:

      What you have stated reminds me of the words Saint Francis of Assisi spoke. “Preach the gospel always, and if necessary, use words.” Those around us are constantly watching us to see how we act. We can say a lot about our character, and more importantly the one we reflect, when we act like Him. If we consistently act like Him, then people will notice that you are different, and will listen to your words.

  • Marc Schelske  says:

    At our church we have this phrase we use, to close every worship service. The last song is finished, the final announcement given, and then someone leads, and the congregation responds:

    Now we do what matters most. Go be the church.

    The church isn’t a place to go, a program to sit through, an organization to be a member of. It’s the people on mission in the world with Jesus. That’s what the Body is for me.

    • Joshua Bedford  says:

      Many people do not realize how true the statement you made is. Most think the church is a building, or something to join, but that is not what it is. You are completely right when you say the church is not a place to go. The church is the group of people on a mission with Jesus (I like how you worded that).

  • Shannon Milholland  says:

    I try to keep my heart tuned to God’s and my eyes open. This morning I offered to help a Mom struggling with bags and a baby at the airport. While on the plane, I ordered a drink for the lady in the seat next to me so we wouldn’t miss the opportunity to have something to drink by a visit to the restroom.

    Per my current Tuesday blog series, I also pray the one sentence prayer, “Lord Direct Me” throughout my day. That helps me stay tuned into His heart once my feet hit the pavement.

    • Joshua Bedford  says:

      This is a very nice example of showing the love of Christ. Continue to do so, and allow me to tell you well done.

  • Wanda Ball  says:

    Awesome post Joshua! My blog is focused on Prosperous Christian Living and my chosen picture is a person carrying bread on a tray and scripture that says, “This is my body, which is for you, do this in remembrance of Me” 1 Corinthians 11:24. We always have to remember that Jesus gave us His body first (through death) and His power (after death) to conquer ALL – which includes Satan and his lies. By showing God’s love to all, we are showing Christ to all. It’s our jobs and our purpose!

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