This post follows a post I made a few days ago about the Platform Launch Team (Click here if you missed it). Platform has been officially released! After you read this post, there will be a link provided to find out about the extra benefits Michael Hyatt offers for buying his book.

I have written down my thoughts on this book, and thought I would share with you. I first want to tell you if you want to get noticed by more people, for whatever reason, then read this book! Here it is:

Michael Hyatt’s Platform is the most thorough book in this subject that I have ever read or heard of. The way he relates it to his success played a fairly major role in this book. There are some authors that seek to make money, and don’t really care about who you are or what you need. This does not describe Michael Hyatt.

In this book, Michael puts everything that is needed to build your platform. He said this himself on his blog. He told us how quality manuscripts had to be turned away simply because the author did not have a large enough platform. Michael actually cares about the authors who have a great work, but do not have the platform to have it accepted by a publisher. This is his way of helping everyone who needs to increase their platform. This is another fantastic part of the book Platform. It is for everyone! This book is not pointed toward any certain thing (authors, musicians, businessmen, etc.), but instead it has been written to where any person who wants to increase their platform.

I highly recommend this book, because this is a guide which leads you through the exact steps which have been proven to work. Michael has written this book based off of what has worked for him, and he now has over 400,000 views per month on his blog. If you read and apply this book, then I firmly believe it will increase your platform.

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9 comments to Platform

  • Joseph Lalonde  says:

    Joshua, I think you hit the nail on the head. Michael poured his knowledge and insights into this book. It is essential for anyone looking to build up their brand and image. You can’t go wrong with this book!

    • Joshua Bedford  says:

      I completely agree with you Joseph! I plan to be using that book frequently to build my own platform.

  • Pilar  says:

    Great post! This book sounds amazing! :)

    • Joshua Bedford  says:

      It is amazing! Also well worth the money you spend on it due to the $375 in bonuses you receive. It will more than pay for itself by the advice it gives.

  • Platform Review - Jeremy  says:

    Joshua, thanks for sharing your thoughts here, I agree as well. Michael has done a great service to those who have a message to share with others.

  • Dana  says:

    “Michael actually cares about the authors who have a great work, but do not have the platform…” Joshua, as an author this was a line that went straight to the heart of building my own platform.

    • Joshua Bedford  says:

      That is my favorite part! It is amazing how he genuinely cares.

      • Dana  says:

        I agree. I actually just updated my post because he cares so much that it sometimes doesn’t makes sense. LOL! But in the end, it all is a mutually beneficial relationship that builds a fantastic relationship.

  • 7 Reasons To Buy Platform  says:

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